Aim and Scope

AIM: YAZIT Journal of Cultural Sciences is a contemporary academy where current information, findings and evaluations on culture-oriented branches of disciplines that fall under the classifications of "humanities", "cultural sciences" and "social sciences" are presented and discussed; compatible with academic, ethical and scientific practices; It aims to be a platform that presents studies that are based on a qualified theoretical infrastructure, that have scientific objectivity, that contribute to local, national and international knowledge, and that, after effective, objective and transparent evaluation processes, open access to the service of the world public opinion.

SCOPE: YAZIT Journal of Cultural Sciences, among the fields classified as "humanity sciences", "cultural sciences", "social sciences" in the world academy, integrating with UAK Associate Professorship Fields and sub-branches presented below It includes studies such as original research, compilation and publication promotion in its field. In this respect, the publications to be sent to our journal should overlap with the fields presented below. No publication will be accepted to our journal outside of this field and sub-branches.

Basic Field of Philology: Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Translation Studies, World Languages ​​and Literatures, Ancient Languages ​​and Cultures, Comparative Literature, Classical Turkish Literature, Turkish Language, Turkish Folklore, New Turkish Literature. 

Basic Field of Social, Humanitarian and Administrative Sciences: Archeology, Atatürk's Principles and History of the Republic, Contemporary World History, Linguistics, Ancient History, Philosophy, Physical Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, General Turkish History, Medieval History, Ottoman Institutions and Civilization, Art History, Cinema, Political Thoughts, Political Life and Institutions, Political Science, Political History, Social Policy, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Turkish Islamic Art, Contemporary History, Modern History.

Basic Field of Fine Arts: Traditional Turkish Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Cinema, Movable Cultural Heritage.

Basic Field of Theology: Philosophy and Religious Studies, Islamic History and Arts.